Discover the Joy of Micro Terrariums

A brand new way to bring plants into your life.

  • Compact Size

    These mini terrariums make it fun to stack & play with plants in virtually any location.

  • Low Maintenance

    Each moss terrarium requires just a few drops of water and there's no need for soil.

  • No Mess

    Individual boxes provide a clean micro environment for the plants to thrive.

Plants for Everyone

Now everyone can bring a bit of nature to your desk with these stackable micro terrariums. Who knew that plants could be so fun to play with?

Imagine what you can build!

Each individual set includes 6 individual micro terrariums that you can stack in 100’s of different ways.

  • Stack Up

    Get inspiration for making your own micro terrarium stack from our product page! Think of how you would want to stack your own.

  • Spark Creativity

    Construct a vertical garden or build a plant wall. Creativity for building is unlimited! Buy several packs and make a massive terrarium.

  • Relaxation

    Build a terrarium zen zone stack to improve your mood. Need a break? Rearrange your stack to slow down and relax!

Stackable Micro Terrariums

Level Scapes

Stack up your own vertical garden to brighten up your desk. It's so easy any one can do it!

  • Compact Size - Fits on your desk
  • Low Maintenance - 6 mini terrariums
  • Endless Fun - 100's of ways to stack them up
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